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My last ever bottle…

By | February 22nd, 2012|Blog, I much preferred the word creative when it referred to accounting|

….of lucozade! I’m giving it up for lent, so people would be well advised to keep away from me for the next few days due to severe withdrawal symptoms!! I did a photoshoot to mark the occasion.

Pancake Tuesday

By | February 21st, 2012|Blog, Food Photography|

What else to do on Pancake Tuesday but have pancakes made for you by a professional chef (i.e. my brother) while you take pictures?! Must say they were very nice, even if most people wouldn’t agree with my cheese, mayo and ham choice of filing!

Finished Product

Finished Product

Rugby Women’s Munster Cup Final UL Bohs v Highfield

By | February 20th, 2012|Blog, Sports Galleries, Women In Sport|

Another photographic challenge on Saturday as I shot pictures at my first ever rugby match! The occasion was the Munster Cup Final between UL and Highfield of Cork, which was won by UL in a low scoring 5-0 game at Annacotty in Limerick.

A little bit of a challenge alright as, up until a few months ago I’d never even been to a proper rugby game! So needless to say I hadn’t much of a clue where to stand to get the best shots or what to even look for, and as it was a last minute decision to go to the game, I hadn’t any research done either!

To give you an idea, usually before I go any photo shoot I would do a fair bit of research. For sports shoots that generally includes looking at a lot of top class photos of that sport, figuring out how they took the shot, writing a list of and drawing out potential shots and finding out about the venue, the players to look out for and any photos that have been taken of them before. But on this occasion, nothing!

However my lack of knowledge and research wasn’t the biggest problem, no, that goes to ¬†forgetting my gloves! The sun might’ve been shining but the wind blowing through Annacotty was positively Baltic! No word of a lie but I did actually lose the feeling in the fingers halfway through the second half!

Anyway hopefully the pictures turned out ok. To see the highlights click on the thumbnails below or click HERE to see a full gallery of photos from the game.

Basketball Nivea Women’s Superleague – UL v DCU

By | February 19th, 2012|Blog, Sports Galleries, Women In Sport|

A big weekend of taking pictures of sports saw me back at the University Arena to give another go at trying to conquer basketball photography! This time the fixture was UL v DCU in the Nivea Women’s Superleague. As usual I’m pretty bad to give an account of the game while I’m taking photos but UL did win and the players seemed to score more than they were missing… thats good I’m guessing?!

As for the photographing that went a little better than the attempt last week! I swopped my 70-200mm f2.8 for a 50mm f1.4 (for those of you that care!) and found the extra light from the aperture and the quicker focusing a lot easier to work with. It also meant I was dealing with a lot of action in the frame rather than my usual style of focusing on the minute details. However it is definitely good to practice doing something different. The other difference was I actually took a lot less photos because the 50mm wasn’t enough for action at the far side of the court but what I did take I was very happy with. Quality over quantity any day!

Click on the images below for highlights of the game or click HERE for the full gallery of photos.